The Hathaway Family

Voyageur is currently producing “The Hathaway Family: A Journey from Slavery to Civil Rights,” which is the seventh episode in The Kentucky Archaeology & Heritage Series. Visit our project page for more information about this compelling new documentary, including a video trailer and the latest news

Project Advisors Meeting

Voyageur’s production team, project advisors and scholars gathered on July 29th at the Lexington Public Library for an invigorating discussion about the direction, goals and content for the Hathaway family project. We also screened “behind-the-scenes” video of the research conducted this summer by the Berea College unit of the Kentucky Heritage Corps. Visit the Hathaway project page for more news and updates.



Fundraising Update

Voyageur raised a total of $5,710 for the research and development phase of the Hathaway project during our first Indiegogo fundraising campaign held in July. We secured $3,510 from the Indiegogo campaign; $700 from our general donation site, First Giving; and a $1,500 grant from the Kentucky Humanities Council. These generous contributions and grants will be used to conduct more research and develop the content for the project’s three media components: a one-hour documentary, a companion website and educational materials.

There’s still time to support this project. Contribute online by visiting the The Hathaway Project campaign on Voyageur’s donation service First Watch. Help us make history!

Voyageur’s new website

Voyageur has launched our new, responsive website to better deliver information about our media projects and organization. The website allows viewers, teachers and students to more easily access video clips, images, in-depth articles, and educational resources from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Our production team may also now post project updates from the field.

Our thanks to The Anness Family Charitable Fund for their support of our “evolutionary” project, and to Voyageur’s dynamic website team, Kim Post, Joanne Grueter and Frank O’Farrell. Stay tuned! We’ll continuously update the website with information, educational resources and media clips about our work – past, present and future.

Tom Law

President, Voyageur Media Group, Inc.