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Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History is a one-hour documentary presenting the culture and history of a farming community along the Cumberland River in Russell County, Kentucky. The documentary is the seventh episode in the Kentucky Archaeology & Heritage Series, which is produced by Voyageur Media Group, Inc. for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey. The program is being offered to regional public television stations for broadcast and streaming. Please check your local public television station for broadcast dates/times and streaming portals.

Vimeo Pro: free access/download

In response to the Covid-19 shutdowns, Voyageur and the Kentucky Archaeological Survey have posted Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History on our Vimeo Pro streaming service for free viewing and download. Dr. David Pollack, Director, Kentucky Archaeological Survey says, that “by launching this streaming video service, the Kentucky Archaeological Survey is making our programs more accessible to the public and to educators everywhere.”

Voyageur Vimeo Pro website: To access Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History for free viewing and download, please go to:

To View: Click the play triangle to view, and the full frame button (lower right) to view full screen.

To Download: Click on the download box below the main title on the Vimeo Pro web page. A box will open with five format choice. We recommend HD 1080p for the highest resolution. It takes 20 minutes to download the HD 1080p digital media file (MP4, 50 MB) depending on your internet service and computer. The Creelsboro documentary is being made available for personal home viewing, research and educational purposes.

Public Television Stations

Kentucky Educational Television

KET Program information: Click here to search for KET broadcast information/schedules about the Creelsboro documentary.

KET Passport:The Creelsboro documentary is available for streaming video via KET’s Passport system. Click here for information about this service

Home DVDs:

The Kentucky Archaeological Survey is selling home DVDs (at cost) of Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History. See VOD/DVDs for more information and order forms.