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Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History is a one-hour documentary that examines the rich culture heritage of a rural community along the Cumberland River in Russell County, Kentucky. Academic research, oral histories, and family photographs are combined with original artwork and stunning aerial video for a compelling look at the valley’s history, and the community’s intimate connection to the Cumberland River. The program follows Janie-Rice Brother, Principal Scholar and Architectural Historian, as she documents life in the Creelsboro Rural Historic District, which extends for about ten miles along the Cumberland River from Wolf Creek Dam to Rockhouse Natural Bridge in south-central Kentucky. Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History is the seventh episode in The Kentucky Archaeology & Heritage Series, which is produced by Voyageur Media Group for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey (KAS), a program within the Folk Studies and Anthropology Department at Western Kentucky University. The public media project features four components: a one-hour documentary; a companion website; educational materials; and a Digital Media Archive.

Vimeo Pro: free access/download

In response to the Covid-19 shutdowns, Voyageur and the Kentucky Archaeological Survey have posted Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History on our Vimeo Pro streaming service for free viewing and download. Dr. David Pollack, Director, Kentucky Archaeological Survey says, that “by launching this streaming video service, the Kentucky Archaeological Survey is making our programs more accessible to the public and to educators everywhere.”

Voyageur Vimeo Pro website: To access Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History for free viewing and download, please go to:

To View: Click the play triangle to view, and the full frame button (lower right) to view full screen.

To Download: Click on the download box below the main title on the Vimeo Pro web page. A box will open with five format choice. We recommend HD 1080p for the highest resolution. It takes 20 minutes to download the HD 1080p digital media file (MP4, 50 MB) depending on your internet service and computer. The Creelsboro documentary is being made available for personal home viewing, research and educational purposes.

Companion website

This companion website contains additional information about the documentary project, as well as educational materials and resource links designed for viewers, teachers and students. Click on each Section for the following:


The documentary was produced with the generous assistance of numerous advisors, scholars, residents, artists and musicians. Learn about the Creelsboro, the documentary, and project participants.


The program is being offered to regional public television stations for broadcast and streaming video in 2020. This section includes a list of the public television stations, their broadcast schedules, and their “Passport” systems to access programs on-line. This section also includes information about public screenings, and how to purchase home DVDs.

Media Room

The Media Room contains project fact sheets, press releases, promotional photos and additional information for media outlets and organizations.


Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History features diverse educational materials drawn the documentary.  This section includes lesson plans designed by the Kentucky Archaeological Survey’s educational team, and other educational materials, including  documents, images and audio files related to the original artworks and music commissioned for the documentary.


The Kentucky Archaeological Survey is selling home DVDs (at cost) of the program to viewers, students and teachers. Go to the VOD/DVD page for an order form. The production team will also provide streaming access (rent, purchase/download) later this year from Voyageur’s Vimeo On Demand website. Watch this space for a launch date.

Project News

See Media Room for more information.

KET broadcasts

Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History is being broadcast by Kentucky Educational Television (KET) on KETKY (The Kentucky Channel) beginning in January, 2020. See Distribution for more information.

Western Kentucky University screening

public screening of Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History will take place on the campus of Western Kentucky University at 7:00 pm on Monday, February 24. See Distribution for more information.

Creelsboro Reunion premiere screening

Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History had its world premiere during the Creelsboro Reunion Festival on Saturday, September 14, 2019. Thousands attended the festival for the live music, storytelling, artwork, food  at the Creelsboro Country Store and some good old-fashioned “visiting.” Over 475 people attended four screenings at the Creelsboro Church of the Nazarene. Our thanks to the Creelsboro Reunion Committee, members of the church, and dozens of area residents who made this project possible.

Project Support

This educational media project is made possible with support of the Federal Highway Administration, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Kentucky Archaeological Survey and Voyageur Media Group, Inc.