Voyageur’s production team provides advice and support to numerous nonprofit organizations and academic institutions in Greater Cincinnati and the Ohio River Valley region. When time allows, we enjoy collaborating with scholars and educators to produce media projects about the science, culture, and history of our community.

Marietta Earthworks video series

Voyageur recently produced a series of five videos about the Marietta Earthworks for the Campus Martius Museum in Marietta, Ohio. The videos are part the Marietta Earthworks and Exhibits Project, which is designed to compile, study and present the culture, archaeology, and history of the ancient American Indian earthworks in Marietta and the surrounding counties. The Marietta Earthwork videos include an overall Introduction, and Site Profiles of the four ancient cultural sites preserved in Marietta – Conus Mound, Capitolium Mound, Quadranaou Mound and Sacra Via. The videos feature interviews with archaeologists Wesley Clarke, Bradley Lepper and Jarrod Burks, as well as archival surveys, modern geophysical research and 3D graphics supplied by CERHAS, The Ancient Ohio Trail. Beth Fowler, Director of Photography, Voyageur, used a drone, OSMO and our Sony HD camera to capture the earthworks from every angle. The videos are to be used in the museum’s exhibits, educational programs and community outreach projects.

Public Library of Greater Cincinnati and Hamilton County

In 2014, the Library Foundation, thanks to a generous contribution by Naomi Tucker Gerwin, sponsored the library’s first Writer-in-Residence – Kathy Y. Wilson. Ms. Wilson’s compelling acceptance speech at the awards event prompted our production team to produce “A Writer’s Journey,” a ten-minute video that profiles Ms. Wilson from her childhood in Hamilton through her professional career as a librarian and journalist to her work today as an independent columnist and novelist. We hope you enjoy.