Voyageur’s board members and production team are connected to many other arts and cultural organizations in Greater Cincinnati. When time allows, we provide our media services to help support causes that connect with the community.

Public Library of Greater Cincinnati and Hamilton County

Several Voyageur Board members serve on the board of The Library Foundation, which supports the library’s collections, public programs and educational services.  In 2014, the Library Foundation, thanks to a generous contribution by Naomi Tucker Gerwin, sponsored the library’s first Writer-in-Residence – Kathy Y. Wilson. Ms. Wilson’s compelling acceptance speech at the awards event prompted our production team to produce “A Writer’s Journey,” a ten-minute video that profiles Ms. Wilson from her childhood in Hamilton through her professional career as a librarian and journalist to her work today as an independent columnist and novelist. We hope you enjoy.


Community Connections:

The Library Foundation 

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

Writer-in-Residence Program