A Video Series Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act

In 1966, the U.S. Congress passed the National Historic Preservation Act, federal legislation designed to protect, preserve and document archaeological and culture sites throughout America. Fifty years later, professional archaeologists have joined forces to show viewers, teachers and students what has been learned about our collective past as a result of the Act. Voyageur has produced three programs for the Making Archaeology Public video series, including the National Introduction, and videos for Kentucky and New Mexico. As always, Voyageur is proud to collaborate with scholars who understand the value of public education. Click on each video to watch our work.

National Introduction 

“Making Archaeology Public Video Series” (1:37 minutes).


Voyageur’s production team filmed the introduction to the national MAPP video series at Jemez State Historic Site in New Mexico. The introduction features Rebecca A. Hawkins, Algonquin Consultants, Inc., who is also a founding trustee of Voyageur Media Group, Inc.



MAPP_National_Intro_FG_RHDirector/Host: Rebecca Hawkins

Director of Photography: Beth Fowler

Producer/Editor: Tom Law

Sponsor: SRI Foundation

Image: Rebecca Hawkins at Jemez State Historic Site



“The Archaeology of Everyone” (12:32 minutes).

VMG_MAP_title_KY Voyageur produced Kentucky’s MAPP video, which features “Ancient Fires At Cliff Palace Pond,” the first episode in our popular Kentucky Archaeology & Heritage Series. Dr. A. Gwynn Henderson, Education Coordinator, Kentucky Archaeological Survey provides an introduction and highlights numerous other discoveries made in the Commonwealth because of research prompted by the Act.

MAP_KY_FG_GHDirector: David Pollack, Kentucky Archaeological Survey

Videographer/Producer/Editor: Tom Law

Sponsors: Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists, Kentucky Archaeological Survey and Kentucky Heritage Council.

Image: Dr. Gywnn Henderson at the Nelson-Gay Mound.


New Mexico

“Patterns in Time: Big Data as a Window to the Past” (16:13 minutes).

VMG_MAP_title_NMOur production team took a trek out west to videotape interviews, artifacts and landscapes for the New Mexico  video. Voyageur produced this new video for a committee of professional archaeologists led by Dr. Lynne Sebastian of the SRI Foundation. The program shows how “big data” accumulated from research at thousands of archaeological sites has changed our understanding of ancient Native American cultures in New Mexico.

NM_MAPP_production_teamExecutive Director: Dr. Lynne Sebastian, SRI Foundation

Director/Writer: Rebecca A. Hawkins, Algonquin Consultants, Inc.

Director of Photography: Beth Fowler

Producer/Editor: Tom Law

Sponsors: New Mexico Archaeological Council, SRI Foundation, Algonquin Consultants, Inc., Voyageur Media Group, Inc.

Image: The New Mexico production team (left to right); Dr. Lynne Sebastian, Rebecca Hawkins, Beth Fowler and Tom Law).