Status: Original release 1998; national release 1999

Searching for the Great Hopewell Road explores new research into the monumental earthworks of the ancient Hopewell people who flourished in the central Ohio Valley over two thousand years ago. Based on the research of Dr. Bradley Lepper, Curator of Archaeology, Ohio Historical Society, the one-hour documentary examines evidence the Hopewell may have built a straight, wide, sixty-mile road between their two greatest cultural centers near present day Newark and Chillicothe, Ohio. Dr. Lepper’s investigation serves as a case study for a broader look at the different ways in which archaeologists, historians and Native Americans interpret the past

Searching for the Great Hopewell Road presents interviews with numerous archaeologists, historians and scholars from Native American tribes with historic ties to the Ohio Valley. The documentary also features unprecedented aerial videography, graphics, rare archival images and a beautiful soundtrack with several American Indian drum groups and musicians. This award-winning documentary was distributed to regional public television stations in 1998, and national public television stations in 1999 via American Public Television


Chris Award (top honors), Humanities Division, Columbus International Film & Video Festival, 1998.

Outstanding Contributions Certificate, Ohio Historical Society, 1998


Documentary release: regional ptv station 1998; national ptv station 1999

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Searching for the Great Hopewell Road was made possible with support from Charles and Martha Annes, The George Gund Foundation, The Ohio Humanities Council and the Ohio Arts Council. Additional support from: The Ohio Joint Program in the Arts and Humanities, Louise Taft Semple Foundation, Charles Westheimer Family Fund, City of Cincinnati Arts Allocation Committee, National Parks and Conservation Association, Mr. Joseph S. Stern, Jr., Mr. William Victor, Mr. Gerald Skidmore, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm C. Myers, Mr. Robert C. Schiff, Wilson Paint Company, Kentucky Humanities Council, Mr. Philip J. Cohen, Ms. Carol McIlwain and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Horst.