The Kentucky Archaeology & Heritage Series presents new scientific research conducted across the Commonwealth by scholars in the fields of archaeology, anthropology and history. This on-going series is produced by Voyageur Media Group, Inc. for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey, Folk Studies & Anthropology Department, Western Kentucky University.  The series is distributed statewide by Kentucky Educational Television (broadcast/streaming), and The Archaeology Channel, a free, nonprofit organization that streams archaeological media to scholars throughout the world. Most episodes include a companion website for the delivery of information, in-depth articles and educational resources to viewers, teachers and students. Visit the website for each episode for resources and links.

Volumes and Episodes

Episode 8 (in development)

“The Hathaway Family: A Journey from Slavery to Civil Rights”


Episode 7 (2019)

“Creelsboro and the Cumberland: A Living History”


Episode 6 (2013)

“Davis Bottom: Rare History, Valuable Lives”



Episode 5 (2010)

“Historic Archaeology: Beneath Kentucky’s Fields and Streets”




Episode 4 (2002)

“WPA Archaeology: Legacies of an Era”



thumb_0009_ancient fire


Episode 1, Volume I (2000)

“Ancient Fires at Cliff Palace Pond”



Episode 2, Volume I (2000)

“The Adena Peoples; Moundbuilders of Kentucky”



thumb_0011_saving title


Episode 2, Volume I (2000)

“Saving A Kentucky Time Capsule”




The Kentucky Archaeology & Heritage Series is a collaborative project made possible with support from The Federal Highway Administration, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Kentucky Archaeological Survey and Voyageur Media Group, Inc.