Status: on going series from 2000 to present day

The Kentucky Archaeology & Heritage Series presents the latest research in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, history and historic preservation conducted by scholars and academic institutions across the Commonwealth. Voyageur produces this educational media project for the Kentucky Archaeological Survey and the Kentucky Heritage Council. The series is distributed statewide by Kentucky Educational Television (broadcast and schools), and The Archaeology Channel, a free, nonprofit organization that streams archaeological media to scholars throughout the world.

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Companion websites and educational materials

Most episodes include a companion website for the delivery of information, in-depth articles and educational resources to viewers, teachers and students. Visit the website for each episode for resources and links.

Volumes and Episodes

Volume I (2000)

thumb_0009_ancient fireEpisode 1) “Ancient Fires at Cliff Palace Pond”

thumb_0010_adenaEpisode 2) “The Adena Peoples; Moundbuilders of Kentucky”

thumb_0011_saving titleEpisode 3) “Saving A Kentucky Time Capsule”

Volume II (2002)

thumb_0012_KS&H_WPAEpisode 4) “WPA Archaeology: Legacies of an Era”

Volume III (2010)

thumb_0008_KA&H_historicEpisode 5) “Historic Archaeology: Beneath Kentucky’s Fields and Streets”

Volume IV (2013)

thumb_0007_KA&H_DBEpisode 6) “Davis Bottom: Rare History, Valuable Lives”

Volume V (in development)

thumb_0006_hathawayEpisode 7) “The Hathaway Family: A Journey from Slavery to Civil Rights”


The Kentucky Archaeology & Heritage Series is a collaborative project made possible with support from The Kentucky Archaeological Survey, Kentucky Heritage Council, Kentucky Educational Television and Voyageur Media Group, Inc.

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